Accounts missing in journal entry

Dears, I know this is a repeating topics where you closed similar to it, but from a non accountant perspective, it was hard to be aligned with you with your proposed solutions,
I understand that Cash and cash equivalents can’t be listed in the journal entry dropdown list ( and I dont know WHY :slight_smile: ) but the issue now is how can I register an expense in the journal entry, where I paid for it from the cash and cash equivalent account as simple as this

in the other hand if I registered an invoice in an account payable, then I want to pay this invoice from the cash and cash equivalent, I should register a journal entry to be balanced between account payable and cash and cash equivalent, also the same issue, cash and cash equivalent is not listed in the journal entry accounts

Why you can’t use Receipts and Payments tab for cash receipts and expenses?

make sense, thank you, but how can I use the receipt in this case, also what about my second point ?

It’s all explained in the corresponding guides, and also on the forum as you said yourself.

the second point I mean is how to pay from the cash to the accoount payable

View the invoice and click on the New Payment button

thank you for you reply, I didnt have this tab before, I added it , and this help a lot , thank you

as for the account payable, I made a transaction using payment tab between acc payable and cash account , is it the best practice ? kindly advice