Accountant's copy

My accountant used Quickbooks. Is there any way to generate a Quickbooks style accountant’s copy that she can load for tax prep and make the year-end adjustments? How other people handle this problem?

You have a better way of doing that:

  1. If you’re using Cloud or Server editions, you can grant the accountant direct access to whatever reports and tabs he needs to see.

    See these guides for more detail: Create users | Manager, Set user permissions | Manager

  2. If you’re using Desktop edition, you can take a backup and he can download a free Desktop edition and use that to get all the information required.

    See this guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager
    To download free Desktop edition: Download | Manager

To answer your question directly and explicitly, @Dermod, no. Likewise, you could not make a copy from Quickbooks for some other accounting program. They all have their own data structures and variable definitions.

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Thank you! That will work for us.

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