Account sub groups not showing on transaction entry

On the summary as shown below for the CoA you can see the subgroups for Income - Angie
but when entering transactions it shows all the accounts but not the sub groups so it is difficult to identify the which sub grouping for the transaction see pic 2. Can this be fixed to show the sub groups in transaction entry screens?

Summary & CoA layout

Transaction drop list on entry screen

You can only have one level of categorization. But if you assign account codes, they will show, making the selection more obvious.

The solution here is to slightly change the account description so there is distinction in the dropdown - so for the first sub-group put T- in front, for the next sub-group put TP- and TE- for the last

Alternatively, so the P&L Income doesn’t looked so stretched, you could use tracking codes such as: T, TP, TE, then you would only need one Dividends / Interest Received per income group and remove the need for the sub-groups. Using the P&L tracking report would then deliver the analysis as and when required…

Thanks for the options, I wasn’t looking for a workaround, was hoping for it to display the account groups properly.
But if workaround is the only answer then it will have to be and I will put up with a less “tidy” appearance :disappointed:

Appreciate the fast replies too.:thumbsup:

T TP &TE were only a demonstration - you can come up with your own more discreet form of separation which could be a prefix or suffix

Thanks again :slight_smile: