Groups, sub groups and accounts

Hi. There is a slight problem when trying to choose the correct account when one has multiple sub groups of a group.
The problem is the small account selection box does not show the main group and sub group titles. It only shows the account name so as a result i get multiple accounts of the same name on top of each other and cannot identify the correct group. see screen shots:
Any suggestions?

You should code the accounts which, by the way, is compulsory in many states by law.

Thanks. Don’t think coding is compulsory in Australia but thanks. I figured a kind of code extension for each name that has fixed my issue. It would be nice the have the group headings show up in the text box. Ill look back at the coding field and might change to that. Many thanks. Still think Manager is the best!

Here is my setup:


Dear @GCelectrics,

here is my setup. I’ve choosen the letters in order to respet the visual order that Manager uses.

A. for Assets

  • A.C. Current Asset
  • A.L. Long Term Assets

L. for Liabilities

  • L.C Current Liabilities
  • L.L Long Term Liabilities

N. for Equity

  • N.A. Net Asset Value

P. for Profit and Loss

  • P.A
  • P.B and so on

@GCelectrics, can I suggest that you use Tracking Codes instead of repeating the same account titles for each property, otherwise your P&L is going to get very messy.

Read this Guide and then ask if you want further assistance with setting them up.