Account receivable issue

Hi. When I do an invoice for a customer I can select an account to allocate it to ( machine rent ) for instance. This invoice is then emailed off to the customer who then pays it. I then open the invoice and click receive money. The problem I have is the invoice I made had an account allocated to it but on opening it for payment it now says account receivable.
I understand this but how do i get it to allocate to the ( machine rent ) account?

The Customer sometimes pays cash and I just click receive money in bank account and allocate it to ( machine rent ).
I cannot get true reports because any invoice payments the customer has made do not show up in ( machine rent ) and any cash payments by him do not show in his customer tab.

Customer tab is brilliant for looking at invoice history but I need to look at total ins and outs for customers.

Basically I am asking how to get full reports for a customer regardless of how they paid.

Fantastic software. Many Thanks

Cash sales/receipts do not show up in the Customer accounts.

If you want all the sales to a customer to show up in the Customer account, you have to issue invoices and then credit the payment to the bank or cash account depending on the type of payment.

Thank you very much for the superfast reply.

The main issue is reporting. How do I view a customer’s total income and out goings regardless of how the transaction was made. Cash payments are allocated to the account I choose but invoices are alocated to accounts receivable, I cannot work out how make a total transaction report for the customer. Thanks again

There is no report to combine credit sales (entered by invoices) and cash sales.
You could extract the invoice data and cash sales data to EXCEL separately and then combine them, assuming that the cash receive transactions have some way of identifying the customer.

The issue arises from the very nature of double-entry bookkeeping.

A credit sale/invoice and payment transaction generates the following entries

Invoice entry
Debit Customer account
Credit Income account
and Receipt of Payment
Debit Bank or Cash account
Credit Customer account

whereas a cash sale transaction generates

Debit Bank or Cash account
Credit Income account

By the very nature of double-entry (the clue is in the words) It is not possible for one transaction to generate 2 debit and 2 credit entries

Thank you. Yes I understood about double entry. I just wondered if there was anyway to view total customer transactions. Export works fine but I wast just wondering if there was an easier way. I will just export and sort for now. Thanks again

have you tried the Customer Statements (Transaction) under Reports?
this report will give you all the transactions related to a customer over a specified period of time.

Yes, but not any cash sales associated with the customer

i understand that. but the workflow mentioned by @ukautomatics for a regular customer might be wrong.
when making a cash sales, it would be better to receive the payment to the Accounts receivable account itself and later making an invoice for it.
cash sales are preferred for one-time customers and not for a regular customer whose records need to be maintained.

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