Account code reference in General Ledger Transactions report

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Can someone please assist me. Iam not sure if Iam missing the options to do the following or if Iam looking in the wrong place:

I gave may accounts codes (Eg. bank 32000, purchases 23000 etc).
When I go to reports, general ledger transactions and select eg this loan.

I see the code for the loan and all the transactions allocated to this account.
My question is: Is there a way to see account code next to each transaction to indicate what account is the double entry account. Eg did the credit came from the bank or cash on hand (account code 32000 or 33000).

This would be very helpful to check if data capturing is done correctly.

Thanking you in advance

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I have edited your post and removed the pdf file since it could potentially pose a security threat to other users.

Apart from that,

Not using the default report. However, you can use Custom Reports and generate a General Ledger Transactions report that has the Account & Code as a column.

You can refer to this guide to get you started using custom reports:


Thank you for the reply.
I will let you know if I require further assistance.

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I please need further assistance on this topic.
I managed to generate a report like follows:


Acc code: Date: Description: Dt: Cr:

23000 01/03/2023 Purchases 1 200.00

I was able add a column on the right to indicate from what supplier the transaction came, but was unable to get the general ledger account where the transaction came from eg from the bank or cash on hand


Acc code: Date: Description: Dt: Cr: Supplier:

23000 01/03/2023 Purchases 1 200.00 STEEL001.

I would appreciate if someone can assist me on how to get the general ledger account number on the report that is on the other side of this entry (If it was paid from cash or bank or other account if it was part of an journal entry).

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Hi @Millenia,

You need to provide more information so other users can follow such as:

  1. A screenshot of the edit screen of the Custom Report in question
  2. A visual illustration of the intended end result