Access to uncategorized screen from receipts tab


Can we have ‘Uncategorized Receipts’ in Receipts tab and ‘Uncategorized Payments’ in Payments tab so someone who is only allowed to view/create/delete Receipts / Payments tabs, still can to categorising?

Currently in each tabs, I cannot see what’s categorised or not unless we click each transaction and check. I cannot just reveal ‘Bank and Cash Accounts’ tab for everyone as it shows balance and what’s currently sitting on the accounts.

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I think this makes sense because uncategorized receipts screen edits transactions under Receipts tab.


Implemented in the latest version (

It’s great to hear that.
I believe cloud version update autometically but mine is still not.
My cloud version is still
How can I update it please?

Please search the forum on how to update cloud version as this has been answered numerous times.

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Thanks. That really helped me out.

Give it an hour. Or force an update.

Go to How Can I Restart My Cloud Server? | Manager