Customer statements: Use of Dr and Cr in amounts column

The abbreviations Dr and Cr are not familiar to most Americans outside of accounting circles. Please provide the option to print running customer account balances on statements as numbers in parentheses for credits, or just as numbers if debits. If the bottom-line balance is negative, the words CREDIT BALANCE should appear somewhere, or a configurable memo line should appear that can say something to the order of “Your account has a credit balance. Do not pay.”

Alternatively, I think most Americans would understand the letters CR (both capitals) next to the credit balances. Not DR or Dr, though.

Don’t forget, there are users in some 80+ countries (that we know about). This program doesn’t cater to the common, but sloppy, practice in the US of paying from statements. It follows the more professional approach of expecting customers to pay from an invoice.

That said, a summation field labeled alternatively BALANCE DUE or CREDIT BALANCE would probably not be a bad idea.

Transaction layout is for reconciliation purposes.

I suggest you send your customer outstanding invoices layout which is easier to understand. Only when customer disputes your customer statement, send them transaction layout.