Hiding/Archiving/Inactivating Unused Category Accounts


I have a feature request which i would like considered. In the chart of accounts one can create accounts and subaccounts. If used ie have data associated with them they cannot later be deleted. The data has to be transfered to another account or deleted first. The essence of my request is to be able to hide/inactivate these like we can for closing/inactivating Cash accounts.

For example, I wish to build an extension on my house- a one off project. If I create account categories such as Architect fees, Planning etc, I may only use them once or twice, but they will haunt the summary screen and others for ever unless I can inactivate or hide them. I could pile them into just one category (Project) but I like to subcategorise. There still is the problem of a one off account group showing in later accounting years, as Manager promotes an endless database, rather than archives. I suppose I’m asking for a way to house keep so that things don’t get cluttered.

Hope this will be concerned and not shot down too readily.

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Where are you creating these account categories - BS or P&L ?

Sub-categorise during the project duration, print any detailing reports on completion and then in a subsequent year pile them into a single account when the detail is no longer required to be in your face then delete surplus accounts…

Are you referring to the BS or P&L here

This is not to distract from suggestion which has been floated on many occasions.

Thanks for a quick reply.
I create them in P&L sections of COA


Any reason for this ?

Generally, building an extension onto a house would be a BS Asset item where you could also establish a project group with sub-categories - at this point you wouldn’t use the Fixed Assets tab if you have this activated.

However, if you want to use the P&L that’s ok, but at some future point to be able to remove the P&L group, you will need to pile all the transaction into a BS Asset account or the Fixed Assets tab then the P&L group will be delete able.

Thamnks for the advice- appreciated.

I also require the same facility. If possible please think over it.
I have long list of chart of accounts under “Expenses” head. Some of which I never used in current financial year. If any chart of accounts is not being used, a provision to hide it from everywhere or making it inactive is a good idea to shorten the list of chart of accounts.

The problems with hiding or inactivating accounts are many:

  • You can no longer do comparative reports
  • You can no longer change the date range for displays
  • Current balances are no longer correct, because Manager is a perpetual system

If this occurring then you are using to specific account names, try using more generic or grouped names.
Instead of having separate Electricity and Gas accounts - have Electricity & Gas as one account.
Instead of having separate Newspapers and Magazines accounts - have Publications account.
For a range of general administration items you can have Office Supplies or Office Expenses.

Alternatively, if you had those specific accounts for a particular purpose - say for Marketing, where you had separate TV, Radio, Publications, Billboards accounts and that historical analysis is no longer required then you could rename one of those account’s as Marketing and then reallocate the transactions in the other accounts to this account - now those other accounts are available for deletion.

Or, if these accounts don’t have any association and wont be required for future comparative purposes as they were one offs, then re-name one of those account’s as “Consolidated Expenses” and reallocate the other account transactions to this account - now those other accounts are available for deletion.

You could have Consolidated Expenses 2014, Consolidated Expenses 2015 if appropriate.

But before doing any of this, ensure you have printed off any reports required to support other activities - such as Tax returns etc.

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Just in case you did not realize, you can delete an account that has never been used. Only if transactions reference it will Manager prevent you from deleting an account.

Yes, I will do that. Thanks for your reply.

Yes. There are few accounts under chart of accounts which were used in last financial year, but never touched this year.

To be clear: if the account has ever been used, it cannot be deleted.

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