A bit of a struggle with Paypal import with invoicing


Let’s say you have received commissions from 30 websites within one month and the money arrived in your paypal USD account.

Each commission counts as a “sale” and an invoice should be created each time.

The problem is that when the import is done and the amounts are in the Manager’s tables, there is no way to turn an amount into an invoice.

Each time I have to delete this amount, create an invoice and get the money back into the account which is a bit of a pain.

Any idea how to get around this please?

Thank you.

You can enter things manually or import. If you do both you must delete one. No alternative.

When you receive the commission - it is a cash sale, not a credit sale - so there is no need to create an invoice.

You only create invoices when you are selling on credit and the payment will occur at a later date.