Bulk import of sales, dropping price and no QTY field to import

I typically import my Paypal statement into Manager.

  1. I usually sell multiple quantities of the same item.
    So my question is, in the upload template can I import the quantity sold? if so, what is the new template for uploading

  2. Because of the above, I have to post each individual sale manualy. But when I go and change the QTY the amount the item sold for gets dropped and I have to re-enter it manually.

What you can do is simply categorize all income to some generic Sales income account.

Then make journal entry to debit Sales income account and credit inventory items you have sold during period. This would avoid categorizing each sale against specific inventory item one by one.

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Would it be possible to import a list of sales (with different dates)?

I’m already using a generic Sales income account, but it’s a pain to encode each and every sale. So, I just enter the sales every 2 weeks or so.

However, this stops me from getting accurate sales report. Ideally, I’d like to see the daily sales.

Would that be possible? Thanks.

No, it is not possible. If you want reports by the day, you must make entries by the day. You don’t need to make them on the day, but they must be entered for separate days.