3 decimal places


i’m loving your “manager” but found the first “problem” :wink:
I need 3 decimal places in euro, Manager accepts it in transaction(i’m using payment and transfer) view but in account’s view, manager make Rounding to two decimal places.

Thnak you!

That’s because Euros only allow two decimal places. There is no € 0.001 denomination. You can only pay or transfer money in € 0.01 increments.

I thought that we can force how many decimals we want… but no problem, changed to BTC :grin:

In what context do you need three decimal places for EUR?

real bank account 1 - 15.59€ spent

Manager bank account 1 - 7.795 spent
transfer from Manager bank account 1 to Manager “virtual” account 1 - 7.795

Sometimes I need to divide some payments/transfers to make some adjustments

Virtual bank accounts are not real or appropriate. A transfer from a real bank account to a virtual bank account can never be reconciled. And every auditor or tax authority in the world will accept rounding to the nearest monetary division. Most will accept rounding to the nearest whole currency unit; in fact, many require tax reporting in whole units.

I use Manager just to track personal expenses.

Manager can’t be used in my country if I want to, all accounting software have to be certified/aproved by government.
A certified Software have to checksum every transaction and you can’t edit/delete any document, only make copies, and send every month one xml file with generated checksums (or automatically sent if you manage more than 50k€)

Be that as it may, has your country figured out how to split the Euro cent?

real split posibility or not, is pointless with my situation, imagine that you receive 15.59€, but you want to save 50%(virtual account transfer), you can’t save in euro pocket 7.795, but if you can’t type .795 your balance will not match with your account, will not match with your pocket, but that is not important, bank account balance is.