Count of decimal digits

Can you Make us free to change decimal digit because we are in kuwait uses three digits

You can change the decimal places when creating a currency in settings (for both Base Currency and Foreign Currencies)


Enter desired currency decimal places inside the decimal places box.

thanks but it at first it not allowed to change so I created a foreign currency

What is the minimum tender kuwait? Are 1 and 5 fils coins still available or only 10 fils coins?

So what should Manager round invoices to?

Exactly what do you mean by this? When you say “at first,” do you mean in a previous version of Manager? If so, have you been able to define your currency with 3 decimal places now? Or do you mean that the first time you tried it did not work, but now it does?

Do you mean you defined a foreign currency to serve as your base currency, the KWD? If so, you should not do this. This will prevent foreign exchange features from working correctly.

To my knowledge, Manager no longer adjusts currency presentation based on units of currency in circulation. When currencies were all built-in, it used to do this. But since all currencies became user-defined, I believe that ability disappeared in favor of being able to specify decimal places.