Duplicate Customers Tab

Good day all.

I am also using Manager Server edition in running a school. What is the possibility of duplicating “Customers” to help me separate students from other stakeholders without necessarily using control accounts? Thank you.

Are you wanting students to be one group of customers and all other stakeholders to be another group? There aren’t any ways of creating groups, but you could easily create a custom field for all customers that denotes what type of customer each of them is. This could be a drop-down list of whatever options you choose. When you’re viewing your customers, you can sort them by that custom field, bringing all the students to the top, for example.

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You may also use Special codes, for example you may start a student code with ST- and then the student number follows (e.g. ST-1002212 for a student and OC-1003656 for another type of customer). You could then easily sort out student customers from other customers. All customers are customers in an accounting point of view, it is you the user who has to be creative.

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