[17.9.0] Added 3 new tabs in relation to bank & cash accounts

My problem is that I do the reconcilation manually and when everything was in one place I could access all the information and I could check that each transaction had been captured. Now If I want to see the balance I need to exit where I am to go to the ‘bank accounts’ tab, if I need to see which transaction has been captured I need to go to the ‘bank transactions’ tab, and even so the transactions from all the accounts are there, so there is a need to sift through a whole bunch of transactions before I can get the information I need.

@Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden I’m still not sure I understand the problem. The only thing which I can think of and which could affect you is that when you are reviewing transactions under Bank Accounts tab, there aren’t buttons to create new transactions. Am I getting it right?

That is the problem. I used to work from the bank account tab. Now I can’t.there isn’t a running balance in the transactions. And all the transactions from the different accounts are mixed up. Makes it a royal pain in the butt to try and reconcile manually

@Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden when viewing transactions under Bank Accounts tab within statement column. There are no buttons now but it’s temporary. The buttons will be re-introduced in there as well.

When in the Bank Accounts tab, click on the Statement Balance figure for the required bank account and you will get a transaction listing for just that account with a running balance.

I think the problem is one that when entering transactions you cannot see a running balance as you go along without exiting and re-entering the transaction screen. I agree this is a problem for me too as we manually reconcile and a pain to have to keep jumping in and out of screens, either a running balance on transaction entry screens (ideal and as it was before) or the ability to have more than one screen open at the same time (using desktop edition).

THANK YOU FOR THE INPUT! @Glider you are expressing (probably better) my argument!

But that requires going in and out of screens. It was perfect before, why did you break the thing!?

I would highly welcome this change!

Previously I was doing reconciliation manually. I hadn’t done it for a while, and just tried to do it then. I used the built-in reconciliation function instead and it worked for what I needed, just was a little unfamiliar.

If you were to add the buttons back when viewing transactions for a given bank account, that would make the manual reconciliation process as easy as it used to be, whilst still having multiple separate tabs.

TL:DR; I can work with the new way of doing things, but if the older way is going to be possible as well, that’s an added bonus.

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There are benefits to the new way of doing things as well.

It sounds like there will be a solution that will work for you in the near future, if you scroll up to the post from @lubos.

Then I will be happy.
Apologies for sounding like a b**** the whole day today - I’m so overwhelmed (I run a ‘one-man operation’) when anything makes me have to work harder I just want to get a bottle of vodka and drown in it.

@ShaneAU @Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden the latest version (17.9.81) shows the buttons when drilling-down to transaction lists within Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab.

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Thanks lubos. @Glider also indicated interest in this so I’ll tag him.

Thank you very much @lubos - all good! Makes it easy to use again :smiley:

Hi lubos,

I just noticed that these new buttons show up when clicking on the ‘Statement balance’, but when there are pending items it doesn’t show up if clicking on ‘Actual balance’. Could you please also activate it on that page?

I’m 98% certain this is the same way it was before Bank Accounts was separated from Cash Accounts. I believe the reasoning is that Actual balance is a calculation using the preceding columns. You can enter missing transactions after clicking the Statement, Pending withdrawals, and Pending deposits balances. Actual balance will reflect the result of any changes there, but shouldn’t be tampered with directly.

If there is a logical reason for it, then that’s perfectly fine by me. I can work with it as it is.

I have now finally updated to the latest version that includes the new banking and cash tabs as well as the transaction tabs and wuuld like to provide feedback on that.

I can understand the logic behind @lubos reasoning in that each tab shows a number and a number of rows. Logically it makes sense in terms of consistency. However, upon comparing the bank transactions view and the transactions in the bank account under statements or actual balance, I conclude the following.

I very much like the Bank Transactions View where you have Description and Contact. This is much easier and much tidier than the old approach where under description you had bank charges - name of bank.

However, I am in agreement with @Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden and @ShaneAU and @Glider that having no balance column in the Bank Transactions View renders the Transaction View pointless to the extent that I will have to use the Transactions View in the bank account under statements. Can you please fix this as having the Balance Column is essential for the Bank Transactions Column to be of any real use as the most frequent task of going through Bank Transactions is to reconcile your bank account with Manager (whether doing it manually or doing Bank Reconcilation)

I also second @Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden point about multiple bank accounts showing in Bank Transactions making it diffficult to manually reconcile - however, I can see the logic behind it if you are looking for a specific transaction but are not sure which bank account it came from and you can always filter the view to specific bank account. So I am not bothered by this - merely highlighting that I can see both sides.

In addition, if you only have one bank account or one cash account, I would request that the program could hide the accounts column until a second bank or cash account is created.

The only reason in my opinion that it was necessary to add the receive/spend money options under the bank account tab again is purely down to the lack of a Balance Column in the Bank Transactions Tab. I would recommend removing the receive/spend money buttons in the bank Account Tab and rather implementing a Balance Column in the Bank Transactions Tab as the Bank Transactions Tab view is far more user friendly than the the Bank Accounts view.

Obviously if you have multiple bank accounts, the balances would not make any sense, but once you filter for a specific bank account the balances will make sense.

Lastly, I will see how the program develops in terms of the banking accounts and bank transactions tabs, but upon looking at the end result, I am not really convinced of the need to create a separate Bank Transactions Tab from the Banks Accounts Tab. I normally agree that consistency makes things easier to use so I appreciate the argument for consistency, but its actually created duplication of most of the information (transactions in both tabs) and because of the lack of the Balances Column means that most people probably will not be using the Bank Transactions Tab.

However I do like the Inter Account Transfers View as this makes it easier to view bank to cash transactions for me so that is a good improvement.

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Dalacor said “that most people probably will not be using the Bank Transactions Tab”. I may not be ‘most people’ but I like it and use it a lot.


I like the Bank Transactions Tab layout very much. My problem with it, is the same problem that you raised - the lack of a Balance Column which means for me is that is largely useless as the main purpose of using the Bank Transactions for me would be to reconcile.