[17.9.0] Added 3 new tabs in relation to bank & cash accounts

Checking to make sure that the bugs mentioned at the beginning of this thread are now fixed and it’s safe to upgrade.

A lot of things have been discussed in the 41 posts in this thread. The known bugs list is here: https://forum.manager.io/c/bugs. What specifically are you concerned about?

Negative cash, bank, and asset account balances. This would be in the desktop version.

If you read the thread to which your own question refers, that bug was fixed in v 17.9.6.

I did read the thread. The developer said it was fixed but has it been confirmed by a user? That’s what I was asking.

I don’t see the problem with v17.9.12.

Is it possible for the Manager Server to have the Bank Transactions, Cash Transactions and Inter Account Transfers with limited view on the transactions for those users given limited access?

In the previous version, limited access users were confined within the allowed viewing, creation and editing. However, in this new release allows users with limited access to view all the other transactions, include those petty cash transactions, credit card transactions, bank transactions, etc made by others or high-up personnel. This has crossed some security issues for our financial department.

For example, a cashier who is given the task only to receive payments, and by clicking the cash transactions or the bank transaction in order to click “Receive Money,” she is basically seeing all the other transactions not in her scope of responsibility.

My suggestion, these Bank Transactions, Cash Transactions and Inter Account Transactions are only for the Administrator. Limited access users will not have Bank Transactions, Cash Transactions and Inter Account Transactions, but keep the Receive Money, Spend Money buttons in the cash accounts and bank accounts for them to access and work on it.

Thanks for listening.

Thank you introducing reference numbers for cash transactions. Very helpful. However, is it possible to reduce the length of the reference numbers from 18 digits to around 6 - 8 digits? If it cannot be reduced from 18, please hyphen the digits for ease of reference.

i do not see any 18 digit reference number generated for cash transactions. the reference numbers are automatically incremented by one from the previous highest reference number. so if you had manually entered a 18 digit reference number previously, Manager will increment this number by one.

This is an example l did to check the new feature. The reference number is generated automatically. I did not input anything.

You did not say explicitly what form you are showing. Assuming, however, that it is a cash transaction, since that is what you complained about, click on the Cash Transactions tab. Look under the # column heading, which is for the reference numbers. Somewhere, I bet you will find a transaction with number 430017788040059968 (1 less than the reference on the transaction you are showing).

Look at that transaction and see why it has the reference number it does.

That’s a good point. Should be working that way in the latest version (17.9.16)

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Thank you. I have noted it. The problem seems to affect almost all the transactions. Please advise (if possible) how l can resolve it.

Did you do as I suggested and examine the list of transactions? You say, “The problem seems to affect almost all the transactions.” What does that mean? Which ones? What type of transactions in which tabs? New transactions? Previous transactions?

Whether you have one transaction or hundreds, Manager will behave the same way when generating automatic reference numbers. It finds the highest existing number and adds 1. But the program does not change previous transactions. If those had no reference numbers, they won’t after updating the software. If any of them did, the reference numbers they previously had will be kept, and new transactions will pick up from the highest one.

Apologies for not being clear. In answer to your questions:

I was using invoices and payment receipts as reference numbers. So what has happened since the update, manager is using those references to automatically produce new reference numbers when l enter cash transactions. Hence the long number is from a previous payment receipt number plus one.

I have found a solution to the problem. Thank you for your assistance.

I totally agree with you. New alignment does not seem to be step forward in terms of convenience. Now there are five tabs under one single Bank/cash process, when it used to be one (after some time two). Other software package I use, have one entity for cash/bank operations (open, close, re/allocate, pay in, out, transfer), other for sales (customer, order, estimate, invoice), third for purchases (vendor, purchase order, credit, pur.invoice, payment). In this way three tabs cover 90% of daily operations, so for Manager probably there must be some technical limitations why there are so many tabs needed.

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I would be interested in hearing about this solution.

The only thing I can think of to visibly distinguish between an automatically generated number and one I’ve manually typed in, is to set at least one transaction with a very high number (e.g. 1,000,000 if my previous highest identifier was 6 digits in length) … and then anything over 1,000,000 is auto-generated … and anything below that is a reference I’ve manually typed in.

That is exactly what l had to do. Before the automated reference in cash transactions, l was using invoice / receipt references. When l updated the system it started using the reference with the most digits to auto-generate the reference numbers as l was advised by Tut. So l had to locate the reference number and check for the highest digit references and start from there. No any easy process l must admit (done manually). However, it’s now complete. No l am using eight figure auto generated reference numbers.

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I think this is by far the worst ‘improvement’ to the program. I can’t make heads or tails of it when I am attempting to balance my bank accounts, because now I am constantly needing to flip screens to make sure that the transactions have been captured. :frowning:

can you please elaborate on the difficulties you are facing if any?
the changes implemented will only help improve and add features in the future.
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