[17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates


Manager allows only one logo per business.


in this case you should not set a logo in Manager.
you should have separate templates with each template coded with the respective logo sources.




That is very nice description. “Nightmare” .


@lubos any update? Aldo today we sent out an invoice (out or 12) with the wrong template…


Any solution?


bumping this again so it doesn’t get lost. Looks like there is tons of support for allowing users to choose their own default, but nobody is arguing for being forced to use plain. Is there any solution in sight?


@lubos we Need a solution as soon as possible


Just adding my voice to this. I feel that the current implementation (17.7.80) is very close.


  • Default for all new items is the built-in template
  • If we open an item and change the theme, the selection is remembered next time we open that item

Suggested change: (as requested multiple times above)

  • Allow a custom theme to be the default

How this plays out in different scenarios:

  • People that use mostly built-in theme and occasionally select a custom theme, it already works perfectly. It will continue to work perfectly.
  • People that use mostly a specific custom theme (or only have one custom theme), it will start working perfectly once they set the new default.
  • People that regularly change themes based on customer / department / day of week / how they’re feeling / etc have the same level of work as they do currently - or, if they happen to use a particular custom theme more often than the built-in theme, it might even be less work for them.

I think such a change would cater to everyone that has contributed in this conversation so far?

Change default Theme
Trying to change the default theme
Themes to default
Printing and theme issue

Can someone please please help me with a install file from the previous version? I have created a template that i use for my invoices but somehow this theme isn’t compatible with the new version so i’ve lost all my modifications. Can someone provide with a installer?


There is no source for old versions. The old view templates are no longer supported. Only themes are supported now. For a while, there was legacy support for view templates, but that vanished after a few dozen or hundred updates. Themes are actually easier, apply across all forms, and are the only things that will be supported going forward.


This is exactly what we need. Our company has absolutely zero need for a built in theme. If it could be deleted, that would be even better! We have terms and conditions embedded in our invoices as well as payment options listed that need to be present for the customers to know how to pay their bill. It’s rather time consuming entering invoices almost daily, plus our monthly invoices that are recurring then having to go into each one individually to change it to our theme, otherwise we get phone calls asking how to pay.


@lubos any update about this issue? Thanks


Who else vote for this?? Rise your hands





Having to keep selecting the right theme is time consuming and irritating in what is a great package.
Being able to set any theme as the default would be the best scenario and probably cater for 99% of theme users


It incredible that such a simple isue is completely ignored by the developer @lubos @Tut @Brucanna


First, I’m not the developer. So I have no control over what changes are made to the program.

Second, I haven’t ignored the issue of a persistent custom theme. I have advocated repeatedly in this thread and others for exactly the solution you keep asking for.


I doubt that it is being ignored. It may simply be that there are higher priorities, or that there is a technical issue involved.

We’re showing our support for it here, and lubos seems to listen to most other reasonable requests, so I have confidence that this change will be made eventually. Let’s show some patience :slight_smile:


Sorry but… since we are asking for a functionality that already was there, I have some great doubt that it’s a technical problem…