[17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates


I agree 100%. We don’t use the plain template for anything after choosing a template from the new online templates. I’m afraid to say it is a constant annoyance to have to switch template for every new transaction. Please bring back the ability to set a ‘custom’ template as default.


I just updated to 17.6.62 and I cannot create new invoices with my customized theme. We have to switch it every single time. I deleted the other invoice template so there is only one left, which is my custom one, but the system still defaults back to the plain. Does anyone have a workaround for this?


When you create a new invoice, it will always use the built-in default template. Yes you will have to switch, but Manager will remember your choice for that invoice. There is no workaround, but you can follow the discussion of a default template in the following post:

[17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates?


You should search the forum before starting a new topic. Your question has been discussed extensively, so I moved it and the response to the appropriate topic.


I would just like to chime in with another vote for a constant default template. I just entered all 72 monthly recurring invoices and went to each one to switch to my custom theme (only have one) before emailing them out. Very time consuming.


Me too. When lubos had updated the system so that the default was the customised template, it was great. Now all my old invoices, sales orders etc, are once again being shown in plain built-in template, which is extremely frustrating and time consuming as VISA-MC says. It’s great that it at least remembers it when once you switch to the custom template, but who has the time to go through all old documents to change them to the desired custom template.

Re creating new documents, I like the suggestion itmoto made: [quote=“itmoto, post:82, topic:9943”]
Maybe if manager could select the last used template for that particular document type when creating a new document? Then switch template if you required a different one?
(I’m fine exactly how it is but maybe preferable for other users?)

This would save us having to switch to customised template each time.


I agree with itmoto and ows as well. Unless lubos able to show us better way to handle all the business’ type of preferred Invoice. itmoto’s suggestion would be temporal remedy.


@lubos add ability to manager that instead of choosing default template on creating new sale invoice , it will automatically choose last selected template .

As with customised template seeing default template is some what annoying .

this will solve all problems , and the purpose behind doing this release will remains .


I’m agree with @VISA-MC It is really annoying to set the invoice template evrey time. I can remember to do it every time, but I can be sure my employees will.


This change is most annoying for single small business entities like myself that rely on just one theme. The point of any program is to improve the users experience and simplify the process. By adding in another step the program is failing in this basic premise. Please provide the ability for a custom template to be selected as default or at least allow for the default Plain theme to be edited.


Thanks very much. Please can we have some few temples that uses only NAME LOGO without repeating the company name on them?

Has Themes been removed with 17.7.8

I just wanted to bump this back to the top. I just finished entering our monthly invoices again, and had to go into each one individually and adjust the theme. Has any progress or decision been made on what is going on here? If we can’t change from the default, is there at least a way to edit the default so it is my theme not the plain one? We only have 1 theme we use.

EDIT We are over 100 recurring invoices now this month, this feature would be AWESOME if we can at least find a way to copy our customized theme to use in place of the plain included one.


@VISA-MC For recurring invoices and payslips it would make sense to select “default” template. If this is done, it would completely solve your issue, correct?


I still think you are overlooking the value of being able to choose a default theme and have it stick for all transactions unless overridden. Forum members continue to complain about this. But no one has ever said they wished their hard work developing a custom theme would be disregarded by the program on every single transaction they enter. Nor has anyone expressed their joy over having to remember to switch themes after every new entry. Yet those two things are what happen since going back to Plain as the mandatory-until-changed-for-only-one-transaction theme.

Trying to change the default theme

Thank you for bumping this thread. We would like to be able to choose our default theme. We have only one. It is tiresome to ‘Switch Theme’, ‘Switch Theme’, ‘Switch Theme’, ‘Switch Theme’ all day long. Thank you.


need automatic script to auto switch to default(custom) template. :sweat:


With a good reason, as



This would help but not completely solve.

We have recurring invoices but also do a lot of sales / labor invoices which are done on the fly. I have customized a theme mostly by adding a disclaimer and invoice terms to the bottom. I don’t want to have to choose my invoice theme every single time. I will never use Plain for anything in my business, so it is quite the nuisance to go through that extra step every time we sell something or risk the customer not understanding terms.

Like I said, if there isn’t enough call for this, is there a way I can edit the “plain” template in the source files to include my mods?


@lubos please add back the possibility to choose a default custom template. Right Now it’s a Nightmare to use manager


Hi everyone,

I know this may sound strange but is there a way I can point to another logo either using a link or from the harddrive usring the code provided on a seperate template?