[17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates


There is a huge issue now. There were lot of different templates foir different purposes. Now we can not switch each invoice toi it’s own template. Every invoice should be able to have it’s unique template. Seriously we can not work with one template.


I’m probably going to add tomorrow ability to have multiple templates, then on the document you can select which template to use.

Switch Template button is not coming back since that was globally switching template for all documents and it wasn’t desirable either. I’m trying to determine sweet spot which will work for everyone.


That would be perfect. Also in the meanwhile we tried to print a custom label with an if statement. Why is this line:

{{ custom_fields["InvType"].text }}
not working with us? (InvType is a custom field we created with the text "Invoice in greek.." in it)


custom_fields variable is an array, not a dictionary. It used to be a dictionary but now that it’s array. I’m investigating how to make it both since for generic templates it needs to be array.

I’m wondering why are you cherry-picking one custom field. Why not:

{% for field in custom_fields %}
<div>{{ field.label }}</div>
<div>{{ field.text | newline_to_br }}</div>
{% endfor %}

if you want to cherry-pick, you can always insert IF statement.

{% for field in custom_fields %}
{% if field.label == "InvType" %}
<div>{{ field.text }}</div>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

I know it would be simpler with custom_fields variable being a dictionary and it’s something I need to look into further.


i am new to this software and don’t know to customise invoice as per regular vat invoices we see in tally.

can you please help me by providing the html code if you have customised it .


What customization do you need in your invoice? You can customize your invoice template if you know html. Else you will need help from someone local who does. The forum already has a lot of topics for various customization. Try search and you can use them in your html.


can it be customised to this


Yes. You need to create custom fields from settings for all the additional details. Then you can place the custom fields wherever you need through html coding.


Thank you for your reply.

Is there any possibility that i could get this type of customised template ?


If you are from India, as a user myself we have requested a new template as per the GST requirements which will be implemented next month. So i guess you can wait until then.


yes, and thank you we can wait.


you can follow the topic below and you will know if there are any updates.


The latest version (17.6.15) supports multiple templates. I thought I can get away by restricting users to just one template but various use-cases warrant multiple templates need to be supported.

Multiple templates can be created under Settings tab, then Templates.

Switching between templates can be done using Switch Template button in top-right corner when viewing a document (e.g. invoice, order, quote, receipt, statement etc.)




I just download and install the newest desktop version 17.6.18, and found out that the option of “[17.4.0] Phasing out “Application Data” folder” is gone, now I can’t reverse back to previous version for that function.


Why do you want to reverse back to the previous version for which function.


I need the phasing out Application Data folder mentioned in here:

the new version I just install goes back to old time that I need to re-import the database each time i open it in different computers and back-up after i make changes.


Nothing has changed in that regard, you can still locate your files in a common location such as Dropbox, and open the files on different computers without needing to backup and import with each computer.

That was available before 17.4.0, available during 17.4.0 and still available now with 17.6.0


Hi Thanks for the fix for Multiple Templates but the Switch Template Button is not working on Version 17.6.19 on OS-x 10.12.5

Thanks again for the fix


Hi Lubos,

Same thing here. Switch Template button not working in Manager 17.6.19 on OSX 10.9.5.