[17.5.8] Added budgeting (+ going back to Application Data folder)

its not in the customise - you only use customise for adding tabs. Go to settings and you will find Budget there. Bear in mind, its still in a very basic stage - still needs a lot of work.

Thanks for the reply, I’m afraid I can’t see the option under Settings either (in the cloud edition), hence I thought I might need to enable it:

It would appear that it has been moved now. Its now in Reports. Which is where it should have been from day one!


Great to have this basic budgeting tool. Budget is not calculating percentages in the report. Any reason for this?

The percentages should show. In my test, they do for income accounts, but not expenses. I will create a bug report.

Budget is great tool for comparison, but Can this budget has Clone functionality at least.?

please consider this scenario.
i enter budget for AUG and Sep ( in both i select 1st to end of every month)
but if i need to compare actuals to budget for the period from 1st Aug till 30th Sep, i need to do it with new budget, isn’t there any work around solution for this ? i.e. P&L for period will consider if there is budget/s entered for the same period, and User need to select dates carefully


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Please see my report not giving me percentages

You need to enter your Expense amounts as a negative when creating the budget, and then it should work as you expect.

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Read the Guide: Create a budget | Manager

Hi Lubos,
I have version 17.9.45 installed and want to use budgetting for the first time.
Can’t find it at setting.
What mistake do I make?

Kind regards,


Read the link in the post directly above. It was moved before you downloaded your version. This fact was discussed further up in the topic. Please read before posting.


  1. Tracking Code for the Budgeting just like in the Profit and Loss Statement.
  2. Ability to clone.

@success127 both suggestions (clone budget and ability to have a budget per tracking code) have been now implemented.

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Thanks @lubos.


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Hi Lubos,
Has the budget feature been discontinued form the desktop version - I can’t see the setup under settings?
Many thanks

It’s under Reports tab now.

Many thanks I just couldnt find it.