[16.3.4] Added ability to show custom fields on credit notes

Previously, custom fields on credit notes could be created but they couldn’t be shown on printed documents or as columns in “Credit Notes” tab.

The latest version fixes this issue.

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Many thanks for the quick response lubos. Normally for a custom field to appear on printed documents, you would have to check the box to Show custom field on printed documents. I have attached an attachment of the Custom field page for credit note. You will see that the Show custom field on printed documents is not available on it. I downloaded the version today March 14, 2016.

Check which version you actually installed, @dobaike. I have noticed a few times that a change is announced before all editions actually appear on the web site. Usually this is a matter of only a few minutes. I just checked, and version 16.3.5 is out and definitely has the new custom field feature for credit notes, complete with the normal tick boxes.


Hey Tut Leader, many thanks for the tip. Please how do i check which version i installed and i downloaded it today

Click About Manager in the top menu bar. See also https://forum.manager.io/t/checking-manager-version/4900.

I didn’t know anyone would notice. Anyway, this shouldn’t be the case anymore (starting yesterday :slight_smile: )