Zero Qty in Custom report and Insufficient Qty in Item motion?

Hi @Tut, Thank you for your points I will consider them in my current system. But none of these are affecting what is going on. I think you will change your mind if you checked for yourself.
I tried to replicate the issue here:
Test (2022-09-20).manager (36 KB)
I suggest you click these two numbers below and help me explain what is going on:

Ps. I don’t have any zero-value credit notes but Manager shows them as zero and insufficient Qty

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Neither you nor I can troubleshoot a business with a balance in Suspense. In your Test business, what you have done is replicate your previous actions of incorrectly using credit notes to return items you never sold or previously acquired.

Exactly. Manager cannot assign a value (cost), because you did not previously purchase or sell them. You also have problems with quantities buried within your two inactive customers. You cannot expect a test business to behave correctly if you record unrealistic actions within it.

Those transactions have no effect on the issue you can delete them if you want.

Don’t you think this is a shortcoming of the program? A credit note should function similar to a purchase when it comes to cost but rather than purchase price it should use the current averaged cost.

I will not spend my time correcting mistakes in your example. I have told you what they are.

The first part of your statement is correct. But when you put yourself into situations of insufficient quantity, there are times where there is no average cost as I already pointed out to you. And that is what your screen shots show. I have offered all the help I can. I am backing out of this discussion.