You are kindly requested to

You are kindly requested to
1- Add reports for purchase invoices such as sales invoice reports
2- Add inventory report including quantities and value
3- Add inventory report by location including quantities and value
4- Add inventory write-off item to copy to button in purchase invoice
5- Add production orders item To the copy to button on the purchase invoice
6- Adding a time sheet for employees by day and hours -

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Although I agree with most of your requests – which are very reasonable, however, it’s not advisable to bundle multiple requests in one post.

Also, most of your requests already have dedicated threads so it’s better to research the forum and focus the attention on a single thread per topic. This way it’s more likely for that request to see the light of day.

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@Avip_Acc_Ahmed, please do not double-post suggestion. You already started a topic about #4. When asked to justify that request, you did not. Perhaps you could not.

Can you justify #5? Why, when purchasing an item, should you issue a production order to produce it?

Regarding #6, Manager is not a time clock or attendance recording system. It’s an accounting system.

I want to add write-off inventory to the Copy button to invoice purchases as
1-contracting company has no stores
2-I want to keep the record classes procurement program
3. also provide the time and effort to re-writing items and prevent errors because a large number of items and the quantity of each class small and operations many everyday purchases 4. because the nature of filling the contracting company differs from the company’s business

@Avip_Acc_Ahmed, your responses are difficult to understand. If you are not comfortable writing in English, I suggest writing in your native language and using translation software to create a translated version to post.

If your last post was meant to justify your request #4, I see nothing there that justifies creating inventory write-offs from purchase invoices. The same is true concerning your request #5.