Suggestion - adding correction options on inventory items tab

As the topic name explain will it be possible to add writeoff and production order on the item tab ?
there is enough space available and easy to make corrections in quantity when is necessary for example after an inventory check
i think this will be very useful and it will not interfere with the simple interface because if user dont need those option and doesnt activate write off and production order tab the buttons will not show
is this possible @Lubos

as bonus “not a must have” journal entry and sales invoices are some other options that can be put there
i have read for example some request for manager to stop selling when item qty is zero, if there is a new sale invoice they could check the quantity identify the warehouse with positive qty and make sale from the item tab without going to sales invoice tab

I don’t think you are going to see that. The interface is consistent in this respect. The New Whatever button is found in the Whatever tab.

is a quick fix for inventory check and correction @Tut
as every correction in qty must be calculated manually (manager doesnt have the option to input actual inventory and do the correction automatically) it will be helpful not to wonder around in the tabs but have the option right there, it will be just one hyperlink with option to be visible only if tabs are activated so it will not interfere with users that dont need those option

The problem is, someone will then want a New Journal Entry button for upwards inventory corrections. Someone else will ask for New Purchase Order to order new stock. Then New Inventory Transfer, New Goods Receipt, New Delivery Note (if those tabs are enabled). Then someone will complain because it doesn’t all fit on a small screen.

to be honest i thought about all them options, i choose to suggest only write off and production order because they are the only ones that have directly and exclusive use only for the inventory
as this is inventory item tab it just made sense to have them here too

i even though about an pop up options but dismissed the idea because it may not be optimal for desktop version users, and will make a mess when using it in mobile devices

I think the best approach would be to add report where you can enter actual quantity on hand and the report would simply show what you have entered and what Manager has. The difference for each inventory item could be copied to new inventory write-off.

Not sure about production orders as I assume those should be entered when production happens, not when doing inventory count.

@lubos, I suggest, if you are going to implement the notion of copying a report to inventory write-offs, that you first expand Inventory Write-offs tab to also include upwards inventory adjustments. This has been previously suggested, of course. The ability to do write-offs and write-ons in the same place would simplify use.

@lubos You mean adding a count sheet , that will be really helpful option (especially in retail, using barcode scan to generate a full list) for a full inventory check
comparing the physical count with the system quantity this is an added bonus feature especially when you do a full check, write off is easy but write-on ? will be a little more complicated it have to be manually not automatically

my suggestions wasn’t for a full inventory check/corrections but for small changes to 1 or a few items when you are manually checking through inventory you see a minus or a suspicious quantity, you click qty to investigate you can see all the transactions there will be good to have all the options for corrections there
also lets say you want to keep a certain number of product in hand, you see it is nearly over you click production order over there

@Tut with all the respect i disagree that must add write-ons in the write-off tab
if it is done as a journal entry there is no point to move it, if the input form is changed than yes may be

write-on are a good option only to solve untraceable problems in qty
personally for me production order, inventory transfersand purchase invoices are the only one that must be used, checked or corrected to fix the upward inventory, write on must be seen as last resort
imagine you have made a mistake in entering a purchase invoice and use write on to balance inventory

@Genti_Ge, in my experience, write-ons are just as common as write-off’s. Physical counts of large quantities are often unreliable, and must be corrected later.

This will be covered by minimum stock levels when implemented so you will be able to trigger production order, purchase order or whatever is required to bring stock levels up.

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