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It is a common practice that organization yearly increase

  1. Employees pay
    Please let us know the efficient way of updating the incremental salary along with possibility of any adjustment during the year considering performance or promotions etc.

  2. Selling price of goods / service
    Item are created as Inventory for good and non-inventory for services. Whereas, our prices vary from geographic location therefore items has been set with Standard price however customer are recorded with discounts with respective to their location, beside any additional discount for bulk purchases or early payment. Please guide us how we can manage increment and discounts for thousand of customers.

  1. There is no method for changing employees’ pay in bulk. If you are using recurring payslips, you must update them one by one.
  2. You cannot do that in Manager. If you have different prices for different customers or locations, you either need an external pricing tool or separate items for different customers (which would not be practical for thousands of customers).

I hope Manager will find good solution for it ahead. In between, is it possible to add a feature of Batch Update for Recurring Payslips.

You need to start searching the Guides and forum before posting. Almost all your many questions have been previously answered. In this case, see Batch create/update recurrent payslip.

I had read your comments earlier.

I am not expert, if definitions are stored somewhere there should be a possibility for updating in bulk otherwise what you are suggesting is a very lengthy exercise to update each employee details on a yearly basis.

If we opt for the second suggestion, is it possible to select multiple transactions so one can create multiple recurring invoice at the same time otherwise task will be duplicate first to create payslips then select each and copy to recurring invoice.

Considering our frequent multiple queries please come up with a solution as we are planning to fully integrate HR Module in Manager along with other features.

No. Furthermore, the two quotes in your last post were not options. They were responses to completely different questions.

Manager does not have a human resources module.

Apologies, I mean Employee set-up and payslips so financials are synchronize rather than using different software applications.