Wrong tax amount on invoice


I have an invoice for billable time, totalling 8505. Manager calculates tax 21% to be 1786.12, should be 1786.05. Small difference, but did get a question from my customer. Any way to fix this?


Is the 8505 one line item or a multiple of line items.
Tax is calculated per line item and then added up to get a total, so individually rounded.
Tax is not calculated on the sub-total figure.

If the line items were individually invoiced, or group invoiced the tax should be the same.
Your customer needs to process by line item, or enter 8505.33 to get the correct tax and then do a rounding entry for 0.33.

They are multiple line items, it was indeed rounded up 15 times for 0.5 cents and down 2 times for 0.25 cents.

Thanks for the explanation.

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