2-digit restriction on billable time entries

I agreed with my customer that I would make 1 line for all hours in a month, to avoid the wrong tax rounding, but I apparently cannot make a line with more than 99 hours. Is there another way to solve this problem? I’d rather not work with weekly amounts that I’d have to fake to become even numbers (the only way there is no rounding done).

I moved this post to a new topic for better visibility. The problem you identified, @Bas, isn’t related to the tax rounding topic where you originally brought it up.

@lubos, I’m categorizing this a bug only for attention. I see no reason to limit billable time inputs to two digits. Even if making daily entries, a crew of people could be billing more than 99 hours in one day. And weekly or monthly billing entries transferred from personal time records are certainly common.

The latest version no longer has 2-digit restriction when entering billable time.

However, I still think billable time should be entered as it happens. If you are going to enter billable time once a month, then why bother with billable time at all? You can just issue sales invoice. Billable time is about remembering what to bill over the course of billing period.

I understand that in many cases, you don’t really want to give client full details. This is something that will need to be improved so when invoice is being created, you can choose to report billable time on invoice separately and group it together.

Hi Lubos,

thanks for the solution, it works fine and right in time for the invoice of January :slight_smile:

I would also prefer to use billable time on a daily basis, but that gives me the rounding errors that started my request and I don’t want to bother my client with that. Is there another solution possible for this problem?

Has there been any work on aggregating billable time upon invoice creation? I too, am required to invoice in weekly amounts but I much prefer to track time as it happens (no less than once a day).

Manager will not aggregate billable time entries. But since the 2-digit restriction was removed last February, you could enter your time as it occurs, then edit one entry to include all the time and delete the others. This would accommodate even monthly, full-time situations.