Withholding tax payments

I would like to know if there is some way to show that the withholding tax has being paid
What I mean
I’m implementing the withholding tax from my Invoices for the company in another country
they automatically deduct that tax which is rated at 20% of any Service provided Invoice (so far so good), that reflects as Withholding Tax Receivable (still good)
Now I receive the Tax Consolidation Certificate from my debtor and I would like to know how I can transfer the amount paid already (proved on the certificate) from Withholding Tax Receivable to Withholding Tax (as the money has being paid already) this withholding tax is later calculated as my company Tax paid in for Company Tax deductions
any idea?

Read the Guide: Withholding tax payments. See the section “Recording customer remittance.”

Thanks Tut