Request for change to witholding tax method

the problem is that in my country there are two type of tax which are correctly configured in manager but. in my country there is different percentages of withholding taxes in both taxes. ie with tax type1 there is 4.5% and 10% with tax type 2. kindly implement withholding method item wise or with tax types.

Does the respective withholding taxes apply to all transactions or just selective ones ?
Does both the type and the withholding tax get added to the same base value or are they accumulative - type + withholding on top of type ?

Perhaps you could illustrate by showing the calculations.

lets say i have a invoice with item 1 and 2 with tax type 1 and item 3 and 4 with tax type 2
sum of item 1 and 2 inclusive of relevant tax * relevant withholding percentage. and same with other items.

Can you provide a link to an official source describing the requirements for these two taxes?

Also, to be clear, are you saying that different line items on the same sales invoice might be subject to different withholding rates?

yes different item can relate to different tax

I find it interesting that no other user from your country has raised this issue.

lets say item one is of 200 inclusive of GST so its withholding will be 200 * 4.5%
and item two is 400 inclusive of pst(other tax ) its withholding will be 200 * 10%

if taxes are exclusive then

need it

Waiting for your answer to “Can you provide a link to an official source describing the requirements for these two taxes?” in English

The problem here is that GST/PST taxes are additions and WHT is a deduction - so how do you put that per line item: 200 + 17% - 4.5%, as your Customer will never know the WHT amount to pay.

Currently, if there were mixed WHT items - you could manually calculate and enter the amount:
0000000 Bug 1a

its simple total 1 will be * 4.5%
total 2 will be * 10%
after that resulting amounts will be sum up for deduction
these two amounts will be deducted as withholding tax

No, it is not simple. Withholding tax cannot be calculated on a line item basis because from an accounting perspective it is not tied to the account the line item is posted to. It is linked to Accounts receivable.

you have two options here.

  1. like @Brucanna suggested, calculate the WHT manually and enter it as an amount.

  2. make two invoices each for the different tax rates and select the WHT rate as a percentage.

i know that but both wht will go to same withholding account receivable account

You can always create accounts and enter negative numbers to take care of withholding tax.

In the example below, i have crated non inventory items for the various withholding taxes. They all end up in different account. And luckily, contact details are displayed when you open the account like below

So i can just copy all relevant entries for the period for each withholding tax type/account and prepare a cheque to pay it, and in the case of withholding tax receivable compile a report or statement fro every customer demanding your withholding tax credit certificate.

I didn’t take my time to create the items that why they are showing the suspense account, i just created them to explain things to you to know how it works.

You can use this to monitor Withholding tax Payable and Withholding tax receivable.

Bottom line is creating your own accounts to take care of every withholding tax type

yes we can but if there is other options then this will be a lot convenient