Witholding Tax on Quotes and Orders

Dear @lubos,

would it be possible to add Witholding Tax annotation to Sales/Purchase Quotes and Orders?

You may add information about withholding tax in the details field or in a custom field.

That’s not functional. Once the Quote or the Order is converted into an Invoice you will have to do the job again in the correct fields.

I have thought of this before. I think it can really help speed up entry in countries where businesses comply with withholding taxes laws 100%. In my country, most businesses will rather be silent about withholding taxes on their bills/quotes to customers and update the bills/quote when the customer declares their intention to deduct. Withholding tax kind of affects liquidity.

I personally think this topic belongs to the ideas category but @Tut is typing, let me wait to find out what he thinks and then we will see.

I understand. In Italy witholding tax depends on your business sector and your annual renues. it is a label that is assigned to your activity by the tax authority and you cannot choose to apply it or not.

Added to the latest version (22.7.12)

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