Change on Startup the Main Page

Could you guide me how to set a different page (other than summary) to show on startup. The reason for this is my pc monitor is in an exposed setup, so the customer who I am making the sales invoice for can view the screen.

Would like to make the default startup page as Sales Invoice screen. There I make the invoice and print it and let the customer leave, before going into my other accounting functions.

If this has already been answered, please redirect me to the correct post, because I couldn’t find it.

You cannot change the startup page. But there is no reason you must start the program while the customer is present. You can leave it open to the Sales Invoices tab or a New Sales Invoice page and minimize the window. When you need to create a new sales invoice, open the window. All data is saved from previous transactions as soon as you click Create or Update, so you don’t need to worry about losing data while the program remains open.

Sorry, for not replying earlier. Thanks for the help. Now keep my sales invoice page open and minimize. But could choice of startup page be possible feature in the future ?

I seriously doubt such a change will be made because so many things are accessible only from the Summary.