Windows 10 Installation

Hi. I’m trying to install onto my new Surface, running on Windows 10 Home Edition. Manager-x64.msi prompted a display panel saying

"The app you’re trying to install isn’t a
Microsofyt verified app.

Installing apps from the Store helps to protect your
PC and keep it running smoothly.

Get apps from the Store

Change my app recommendation settings >"

Please advise how to proceed with the installation.


This is not a Manager issue but a Windows one where they as mentioned Manager is not a verified app. If you search Google on this error you will find links such as The solution is explained there in detail. Hope it helps.

Thank you. Will look into that now.

Update: Not seeing the “Choose Where to get Apps” option in my Apps and Features.

I then did a Windows 10 update, and still didn’t have that option.

Google search isn’t of my help either.

Now looking into Windows Help. :frowning:

See here It’s recommended to always first search the forum before starting a new topic.

Thanks Mark for the reminder.

That forum thread aren’t of much help either.

The 32-bit Windows download link from Download | Manager “Requires Windows 7 (64-bit) or newer. If you are using 32-bit Windows, use alternative download.” downloaded a Manager-x86.msi instead. Running this ended up with the same prompt from Windows.

Thanks. Neil Tan

Can you show a screenshot of your apps and features page?

Windows isn’t in ‘S’ mode is it?
I have had a few issues with friends’ new notebooks etc with this.