Windows 10 Install Issues

Just got a brand new computer and want to install Manager desktop. What is the normal installation path for the program? When I try to install to c: programs, it wants me to log in as administrator. Originally it tried to install to app data / roaming which does not sound normal to me.

Follow the Guide on Windows installation.

I agree it is not normal for Windows but is how the programmer has set the installation to work. I believe the logic is so non windows administrators can install the software. Which doesn’t make sense to me as someone who has the authority to determine what software is used for a companies accounts, will also be able to get access to their PC administrator password.

However as a result, the software can be easily installed in any location the current user has write & execute permission as described in Install or update desktop edition on Windows. The installer does not support windows User Account Control (UAC) so to install the Manager in “C:\Programs (x86)\Manager” with all your other windows software, the installer has to be run from an elevated command prompt see Windows Installation (not portable) - #6 by Patch

Patch, thank you very much! This is exactly what I was searching for in the forum yesterday, but it did not show up in my search results. Now I understand why the installer was written this way, but as sole user on the computer I am much more comfortable having my programs grouped where they can be seen. In future I will need to be able to see these installs for migration to new computers. Concealed in app data the program will not make it to the transfer schedule.

@DebJohn, all you need to do to transfer to a new machine is (1) back up your business(es), (2) install Manager on the new machine, and (3) import the backup(s). Everything is done through the program itself. You can forget about transfer schedules, hidden data, and everything else.

Thanks Tut, I understand and the process is simple. I meant that I go down the list of installed programs by reviewing what is visible in c: programs. It’s my tick list for transitioning to a new computer. Sometimes app data is overlooked because these are usually hidden files. I’ve just added app data to my chore list for configuring my new computer. Besides Manager, there may be other software residing there that I’ve forgotten about or missed because it is in an untraditional location. Transitioning to a new machine can become a huge work load. Hints and tips provided by you and Patch are much appreciated.