Why can I not see the attachment button

Am I missing something. I am sure I had it before and could attach things now I can not seem to find it

please provide more details to get any help.

Enter the transaction and save.
Go back to edit the transaction.
You will see the attachment field.

New Attachment appears on the View screen after saving a transaction.


I did not think it needed any more details I was asking as in the title where the attachment button had gone.

Where the attachment button had gone would be a different question to where the attachment button is. :slightly_smiling_face:

for the latter no details would be necessary because it is not an issue wrt Manager functionality.

but for the former, and also for every other issue, other users can provide exact solutions only if more details are provided because it is not possible to simply predict everything regarding the question.
few basic details necessary would be,

  1. Manager version.
  2. Manager edition.
  3. Operating system.
  4. Where the issue is found.

In “View” mode, it’s locate in the bottom left corner, you may need to scroll down.