Who wants manager to release phone app

I’m working on that…

Here is current progress.

Basically viewing Manager on narrow screens (such as mobile phones) will shift side navigation to the top. You can use touch gesture to scroll side ways if the content extends width of the screen.

This is still very much work in progress but in the end, every screen should be mobile friendly.

We can have dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS but it would be mostly thin wrapper around mobile-optimized web interface.


Looking good.

A huge benefit of this is that existing forum answers to questions (and guides) will not need to change because it’s very similar to the existing UI … just responsive to the device screen.


Many thanks @lubos for the great work so far.

I suggest giving the priority to the sales invoice screen. Since its used a lot by the mobile sales teams on their mobiles and tablets.

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Tested version 22.3.47 and it works beautifully.

Needsa bit more work on forms but Kudos and thanks @lubos.