Where has form defaults gone?

I have lost access to form defaults. has it been moved as part of the most recent changes to manager? We use this a lot for quoting so I’d hate to see it be removed.

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thanks for clarifying this.
I’m not on the forum all the time so obviously missed that and my search for form defaults didn’t bring up the above post on the forum.

There is https://www.manager.io/releases which is better way to keep up with updates.


After every update, any changes to the Manager will have a release topic update too. @lubos always updates it in the Release Page of the manager.io web. You can click the “see topic” for every release, and it will take you to an idea thread that discusses the changes that were added to the recent update of Manager. Maybe, for every update you should check the Release Page so that you know what changes in Manager.

I’m not an accountant so I often only notice changes as they impact me. I’ll keep and eye on the release page in future as this looks like its quite a comprehensive list of changes.

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