When receiving payment nothing is showing up in tax field


Sorry if this has been covered but I am new to accounting software in general and mainly am trying to use Manager for invoicing services. I have read where you say this software is not for users like me but it really is the best thing I have found that will list a few items and have room to type lengthy descriptions on the invoice.

What I’m curious about is how to see a total of all taxes collected. When I receive payment (I set up a cash account) and select the customer, the total amount shows correctly but there is a box that says taxes that’s greyed out. Taxes were added correctly on the invoice originally. So why is there is a box when receiving payments that shows taxes but it’s empty?

How do I see total taxes collected for a given period?


Have you gone to “Reports” > “Tax Summary”, and set Accounting Method to “Cash Basis” ? If you haven’t yet included Tax Summary on your Reports List, you can do so by Clicking Customise, and choose Tax Summary. From there, create a Report and set to time period that you wnat,


That’s correct. You have already used tax code on invoice so Manager knows that sale was subject to tax. Manager doesn’t need to know tax code again when receiving money from customer, that’s why the box is grayed out - it’s not applicable.

Have a look at guides related to tax codes -