What if buyer and consignee are different?

I would like to know how to create invoices by seller if buyer(payer) is different from consignee(third party from another country)

Create bill of lading etc,

An exporter’s point of view, invoice is the prime document in business. Pl find below the contents of Invoice:

  1. Exporter /Consigner : The details of party who consigns the goods is mentioned in this column. The name and complete address of consignor to be mentioned with Country name.
  2. Consignee: The details of party to whom the consignment is shipped out to be mentioned. Normally, the details of overseas buyer is mentioned. In some cases, when Letter of credit involves, the bank name is mentioned as consignee starting with “To the order of…” If the cargo is re-sold at destination to a third party, said column can be mentioned as “To Order”
  3. Buyer: In some cases, consignee may not be the actual buyer. Then the details of buyer other than the consignee is mentioned.
  4. Invoice Number and date: This number is the serial number of sale transaction used by a seller. This reference number is quoted at many occasions including authorities to identify the consignment for future reference. This is the reference number against the said sale used internally by the buyer in all future reference and files in office also.

Use the Sales Invoice tab for the Buyer and the Delivery Note tab for the Consignee.
If both are required - stable together.

Or you could combine all that information into the Note section of the Sales Invoice