Commercial/Shipping Invoice

In my legacy system, I would regularly generate a ‘Commercial/Shipping Invoice’ (has no accounting impact) from the Sales ‘Tax Invoice’ for customs clearing purposes when shipping products internationally.

In Manager, how can I create a similar ‘Commercial/Shipping Invoice’ from the Sales ‘Tax Invoice’ … even if that means exporting the ‘Tax Invoice’ data to something like MS Word or similar to attach into a pre-formatted template. (would much prefer to do this inside Manager)

Use a sales quote. Sales quotes are the only transaction with built-in fields for the title. You can change the title to Pro Forma Invoice or Shipping Invoice or whatever you like. Quotes have no financial impact.

This is an intended use of sales quotes.

Thanks Tut, I just had a try of this, and although you can change the Title from Quote to Commercial Invoice, I can see a number of issues.

Unique identification number (it grabs or shares the Quotes auto number, not ideal) and will blow out total value for quotes (if analyzing quotes verses sales for conversion ratio.)
Labeling changes from 2 parties to typically 3 parties “consignee”, “Sender” and “notifying Party”

It would be more useful to have Commercial Invoices as a “copy to” function of the “Sales Invoice” and generate a ‘non-financial’ Commercial Invoice editable with own unique identification number sequence.

Users could further customize to add fields like ‘vessel name’; ‘port of disembarkation’; ‘destination port’; ‘EDA’; ‘packing details’ , etc.

If not a current capability, then maybe the developers may consider this to be a future feature.

You could accomplish all you describe by developing a custom theme to be used only when printing sales invoices as “commercial invoices”. You would potentially add custom fields that are called only by the custom theme. Because the document would be based on the same transaction form as your sales invoice, it would have no further financial effect.

If it can be done, I feel it is well and truly out of the league of the average user (hence why it’s better to have a developer create the functionality).

I’d agree there can be zillions of Commercial Invoice templates/formats and impossible to please all, but this is something I’m trying to achieve, albeit manually copy & pasting very slowly & tedious from Manager to MS Word … yuck, which defeats the purpose of having a database to eliminate such time wasting & high potential for mistakes.

Hello. Just wander if the commercial/shipping invoice section is planned to be added. That would be great if a separate title like “Shipping Invoices” section would appear among the delivery notes, goods reciept and etc. . And consequently to able to “Copy to” from sales invoice, purchase order, sales order and etc. to shipping invoice.

While you are responding on a four-year-old topic that is now mostly obsolete, the answer to your question is that no such plans have ever been announced. As stated in post #2 above, the use of a retitled sales quote for this purpose has always been the recommended approach.

I’m not sure where you think this would appear, since such a document has no financial or inventory quantity impact. It really has no accounting purpose at all, but is useful only for facilitating transportation activities.

You can already do this if you retitle a sales quote.