What Database Engine is used for Manager

Currently, I am evaluating the manager server edition. Can some one tell me what database engine is used for the manager? Is it SQLite?

Manager is using proprietary database engine. It’s not SQLite however Manager.dll is a managed library written in C# which allows to read/write data in *.manager files.

You can’t query data through SQL but it can be queried with LINQ.

Under this topic CSS and DB schema customizations

You stated that there will be fee .NET lib to access the .manager file. When will it be available?

It is already available. Manager.dll is that library and server edition is using it to access .manager files.

Do you actually need it and if so, for what use case?

Documentation for the library hasn’t been done yet but the library is fully functional.

Right now, I don’t need it. But I want to understand how much control has given to user regarding to the data.

I love to see the documentation for that library. Do you have estimated time line to come out that documentation?

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Looks like the user can grab all the data, so it’s not locked away or anything.
You can get monodevelop and add a reference to the Manager.dll file and browse around Manager.Model

But the program doesn’t look like it uses any database, it’s just a list of objects. .manager files are very slim for this reason. I just loaded up about 5k of transactions and the .manager file is about 500k in size.
Everything is loaded into memory. The program is using about 180mb of memory when I play with the file with 5k of transactions, so it can handle a lot more than that. But browsing around the transactions list is slightly slower with 5k transactions(100 pages).

Keep in mind, there are a lot of optimizations that could be added to improve performance. I look forward when businesses will start pushing a lot more data into Manager so I can start working on specific use-cases. I don’t want to optimize performance prematurely if nobody really has any performance issues yet.

Is there an option to use SQL express or mySQL in the server edition.

@niknah do you have an example of how you have accessed data from manager using something like c# with reference to manager.dll ?

Lubos, I can send you project with 15,000 invoices + 5,000 sale order records but it is not full double accounting… as I wrote, I’m managing projects costing without “full” double accounting system. If it’ll help you I can send it to you. Giora


But you may need to update the manager.dll there, it’s not the latest one.

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@Giora, that’s fine. But if you have performance issues, you need to give me more context such as on what screens do you experience slowness.

Thank you very much #niknah, I will have a look at this tomorrow.
Much appreciated. This is a good Forum…

Hi Lubos

I don’t experiencing performance issues in all Manager editions
including the cloud.

Regards, Giora

@lubos, you say:

Manager is using proprietary database engine. It’s not SQLite

however, on the more recent(?) 8394 guide page, you indicate the following:

00000000000000000000000000000000.manager is an SQLite database holding a list of businesses, users, and global preferences.

Does Manager now use SQLite?

Sorry for the Necropost resurrection. This seems like the best discussion of the topic.

Yeah, this is old topic. Manager is using SQLite now.

@lubos, thank you for your quick reply!

Presumably this means any regular SQLite browser can be used to examine the data?

My only other main questions are:

  1. how simple is it to specify the location of the database? Various forum posts have described it as “difficult” to find the data files. [ I would be running Manager Server edition on Ubuntu or (possibly) Debian . . . ]

  2. now that you have moved to SQLite, are there still multiple files for multiple companies? Or are all companies put into a single SQLite file?

Thanks in advance!

No. Mostly because Manager is not using normalized schema. But eventually I would like it to use normalized schema - it’s just not practical at the moment considering how often the program changes and not being under constrain of normalized schema makes things a lot more easier. Once the program is feature complete, I imagine I will transition to normalized schema.

For now, the only way to access data would be API.

Under Preferences tab, it will show you Application Folder which is where all SQLite databases reside.

Yes, every business is still separate SQLite database.

Hey Lubos, I read a few months a ago that the database is encrypted. Does it mean that I can’t use for example Microsoft PowerBI to access my manager data and do some visualization?

Correct. You cannot