Technologies used for Manager desktop edition development and deployment

Manager technical team, I want to know what technologies you used for development and deployment of Manager Desktop Edition because I want to do similar for my project.

Well, Manager is written in C#. Is there anything specific you need to know? Because there are many moving parts and explaining everything is beyond the scope of single forum post.

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Okay, thanks for your reply, but I want to know that what kind of storage techniques/approach they used for storing application data, I know that there is HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery and … technologies used for user interface there is no more C# tricks there just maybe the window and the browser they embedded inside that would be the tricks of C# but how they deployed all the web based stuff like this is my exact question because I viewed the source folder there was just some .dll files no .js, .html, .css and …

Hi Lubos, the user interface ticks all the boxes for what I am looking for.
Accounting wise i am starting to use Manager now and leaving MYOB V10 behind. I have a large customer base using MYOB and Manager will be a great alternative for accounting and the payrol component.
I have had a program that I have attempted to rewrite a number on times but have never been satisfied with the final result.
I also like the way the database is done.
What language did you use for the User Interface and what database are you using.

regards Roland

User interface is written in HTML/CSS and Manager doesn’t use any external database. It’s self-contained using embedded database.