We want to start over with Manager, so we have a few questions

Greetings from Argentina my friends,

We have been using Manager for 8 months. I was the only person who was on charge of the accounting of the company. But finally we hire an accountant for that task.

I made a lot of mistakes using the software and also in the applying accounting standards for our country. So we want to start over from 0 following the accounting standards and a correct use of Manager.

I really appreciate the help that the community give to us, the support from the Manager team is awesome. Also I want to tell you that you Spanish documentation is really really god. Thank you very much mates!

  1. The first question is about a how to start from zero. We have money in our accounts: that amount we can put in opening balance. We have a lot of inventory items, that we can put in opening balance too. But we have invoices to pay to our suppliers for that inventory, we know how much we owe, but its really really hard to put the invoices because some inventory were sold.

  2. We have different areas in our company: ecommerce, retail stores, our own clothing line, we received merchandise on consignment (we offer a service for other clothing brands to sell in our stores and website without buying their products). We should create a new business inside manager for each division?

  3. In our ecommerce division we offer free shipping if you buy more than X amount. How we can input in Manager the value that our logistics provider charges us for shipping. We want to know how much we owe, because is a service that we pay at the end of the month. This is not a expense to us, is a cost, so we want to know how to input to affect the cost of goods sold.

  4. A situation like the point 3 happens to us in our stores; we give our employees a commission for each sale, and this commission depends on the payment methods of the customer. How we can input this in Manager to know how much we have to pay at the beginning of the next month?

  5. We have a situation that apply for ecommerce and fisical stores: packaging. We should add the boxes and bags as a inventory? And for each sale add one with sale price: 0? Or how we can manage this, we want to know how the packaging affects our costs of inventory and how to input.

  6. We offer free changes and money back if you don’t like the product. How we can handle this in manager, for example for:
    ** A person who want to return the product, but don’t want the money back.
    ** A person who want to return the product, and want the money back. (100% the money in some cases and other cases less money (because the shipping cost))

  7. We have more than 100 trasanctions per day in our ecommerce and stores, is there any way to create in batch the sales? And the same for purchase invoices.

  8. Do you have a official PHP API, or at least a Restful API. It would be awesome to us to integrate our POS and ecommerce system to manager.

  9. Any way/service to do a daily backup of our data?

Thank you for your time!

you can set a starting balance for the suppliers.

if all these business is carried out from a single company name, you do not need to create separate business in Manager.
you can track the cash flow using separate cash accounts.
also you can use separate inventory locations for all the different business you do.
you can check the guides for these.

read this topic.

yes add them as an inventory. follow the same step as suggested in the above attached topic. or else enable and use production orders. if the packaging is a fixed quantity, you can use inventory kits under settings.

use credit notes. in case they do not want money back, just leave the value as blank.

not at present. you can use the Clone option though if most things in an invoice are same.

read this topic.

you can backup you business manually. also you can sync this to your google drive, etc.

the solutions provided are in general. you can find detailed guides for mostly everything in the guides section. also, you can search the forum for specific answers as most of your questions have already been discussed in detail by other users.

Thank you for your quickly answer!

I can’t add starting balance for the suppliers :confused:

Follow the instructions:
0000000 Bug 3

Thanks for your answer.

To give you an idea, currently we have 10.000 items in stock, and each items costs $10. So there is $100.000 in inventory. And we have $30.000 in debts, but we can’t know what existence we owe to that provider. Thats why we need a way to add the current inventory as a opening balance, and the same with all the debt.

@matysanchez, there are two aspects of starting balances with suppliers. The first includes credits or balances you may have unrelated to purchase invoices. That is what you enter as a starting balance. The second is the balance of Accounts payable related to purchase invoices. See the Guide: Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager. If you cannot separate Accounts payable according to invoice (because you don’t have accurate records), you will have to enter a purchase invoice that consolidates the amount. You can make partial payments against that “synthetic” purchase invoice until it is paid off. Meanwhile, all new purchase invoices should be paid correctly. There is no way to migrate your accounts payable balance when starting over except by entering purchase invoices.

As for inventory, that should normally be added as starting balances when creating the inventory items. However, if you are forced to create “synthetic” purchase invoices as described above, you could include inventory related to those amounts on those “synthetic” purchase invoices. Then put the remainder in as starting balances.