Warning of item duplication

Is it possible for the developer to provide the program with a message alerting that the inventory item is listed on a higher line (in the invoice)
Do you want to repeat or not?
This is because the categories may be more than fifty types, for example
As well as another message stating that the stock item is not available while issuing the invoice
And I have provided an imaginary picture of the clarity to be implemented, and the developer can do better than that


This is not possible. There are limitations to what a developer can do based on many factors such as the underlying database and the programming language. The request is impossible because this would require issuing a query while typing and I am not aware that any application can do this.

@alwakeel I see that you are eager to contribute but I would advise that you to first get fully familiar with what Manager already can do and thus reduce the number of feature requests in this forum. This will eventually help you and us to solve current issues. Thanks for understanding.

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Mr. Eco
Thank you for your understanding and your help
This is not a personal contribution or highlighting, but the work requirements require that. I suffer from the lack of the query while writing inside the invoice and I need such assistance. I understand that all I ask is the language of the query in order to save time and effort during work and ensure the accuracy of the results, as well as to develop the manager in the event that these errors are reduced
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As mentioned I am not aware of any programme that runs automatic queries on the fly that you request.

There will not be a big difference between the query about the expiry of a stock item and inserting it in the invoice. Both are a query, this is from the stock cell and the other is read from the quantity cell, both are similar in terms of query while writing

I think we have to wait for reply from @lubos on this.
Weather he will write query or not requested by you.

Please I already explained that such query can not be on the fly, that is it will not happen as in your request while typing. You can only query a database separately, ie issue a command to query, this can be also triggered by for example opening a new tab where the query will display the results. You ask for a query to run during data entry to check if you are duplicating that entry and this is just not possible. @Omnipotent.inc there is nothing for @Lubos to add to this as there is nothing that he can do to make this happen.

There are quite a few forms in Manager where duplicate choice on line item could be probably highlighted somehow.

For example, depreciation entry form or profit & loss statement (actual vs budget) are probably the best examples.

I agree but I do not think you can do this on the fly, you will need a trigger. Let’s see what you come up with as I would not be surprised if this will stay for years in ideas. Sorry but if I look how many things are in ideas I often think it is just to calm us down.

The absence of an alert message stating that the item is not available in stock. This led to the listing of the items in the sales invoice, as it was included in the price quotation. After the invoice was issued and the invoice was copied to the goods delivery voucher, it was found that the items had expired from the warehouse and accordingly the results were negative.
(-) This is what we wanted to clarify, and to correct these errors, time passes quickly
Note that we deal with a number of items, a limitation of more than 1,600 products that can be increased, so the mind cannot remember what is available and not available.
So we are trying to get that alert
I thank everyone for the understanding, Mr. Eko, Mr. Lubos, Mr.Omnipotent.inc Accountant

This is a different screen than the first one you showed. Your initial request was to be alerted while doing an entry and I explained why an on the fly query can not be done on such a screen. It is different when opening a tab but even there the question is if this query is useful and also if it can run, but that is a developer’s question.

Mr. eko
Greetings to you, and thank you for your response to me, and I respect you all for your help
In response to your last tweet. You can’t imagine everything that caused the stock imbalance. There are many screens that are affected by the stock imbalance and all the reports related to that, for example, the value of the stock will be affected and the quantity of stock as well as all the accounts linked to the stock will lead to an imbalance in the accounts
Attached is a picture of an example of what might be affected

@alwakeel, it is not correct to think of your situation as an imbalance. The program is accurately reporting the status of inventory based on the information you provided. You complained that there is no alert, but the negative numbers are the alert. As explained in this Guide, they are Manager’s designation that the item is backordered.

And yes, all the reports you indicated could be affected by a backorder situation. But they will not be inaccurate. They will report information as it exists. Whether the program let you discover backorders entirely on your own, provided indications as it now does, or waved flags in front of your face, you must still put procedures in place to monitor and respond to the information the program furnishes. No accounting program will run your business for you.

I would not call it an alert, it is just a count.

An alert is:

Current implementation forces you to check items are in stock before you sell them - every item!

It would be nice if the program would highlight (flags and bells!) there was insufficient quantity to sell so it saved having to put procedures in place to monitor levels every time you sell an item.

It has been a highly requested feature for many many years, obviously not a favourite of the developer, but in recent discussion he indicated he maybe looking into the inventory module shortly so hope topics on low inventory level will be redundant soon! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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My greetings
Do you have anything new on the subject of repeating the class?

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Is it not possible?

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The developer himself put your suggestion into the ideas category. That means it is possible. But have patience. This thread is only a few months old. Some ideas are several years old.

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