Warehousing Module

I will be starting work on updating my Inventory tomorrow. I am going to create a custom column for laptops, projectors, printers etc and then I am going to change a lot of the inventory items as well as inventory kits.

Before I start, I would like to know what changes exactly will the warehousing module bring about and will this be an additional module to the inventory module or will it replace the inventory module and how will it affect anything that I am doing in the inventory module over the next couple of days. I really need to know what will be happening before I start.

Do you know the ETA for warehousing module?

Warehousing module will not be replacing anything. It will simply extend inventory by new dimension where you will be able to track quantities by multiple locations.

The latest ETA is late January.

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Thanks. That clarifies things a bit. Cheers

Iā€™m waiting for this module intensively. :grinning:

Thanks for implementing this. It must be quite a big job making this wonderful program! Is there an estimate already when this update will be available?