Want to show billing address in customers list "columnat form"

Dear Admin
we want to show billing address in customers list “columnar form”, so that it is easy to find customer.
Buy it is not showing in the Columnar for.
(Pls see attached).
So that we have to create the custom field for address to show in the columnar form.
Please tell us how to make showing billing address field

Annotation%202019-10-08%20200432 in the columnar form.

There is no built-in method for showing the billing address. The developer makes choices about what shows in every tab listing, compromising between display of information and available screen space. (Many users already have complaints because their screens are small.) In the case of the Customers tab, there are many columns that appear as other tabs are enabled. Room must be available for these, because they are related to program functions (like the Qty to deliver column that you have because you use delivery notes). Billing addresses could take up quite a bit of space, so they are left out.

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Dear Tut, thanks