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I need my credit note to have a credit note number, but all it says at the tops is credit note. How can I fix this? Also I need my credit notes to reflect on my customer statements and not subtract the credited amount automatically from the relevant invoice.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

They do. It is automatically assigned in the Reference field. It is impossible to create a credit note without one.

They do, if you select the Transactions type of customer statement.

But, in general, that is what a credit note is for, reducing the amount of a sales invoice, such as when an item is returned. If you don’t want it applied to a specific invoice, leave the invoice number out and the credit will be available for the next oldest invoice or a future invoice. See Manager Cloud and Manager Cloud.

Under the reference field I need to input the claim number, but need the credit note to have a separate invoice number that is not the claim number “reference number”. My customer needs both to be displayed in order to process.

I understand under the transaction reports is shows the credit note, but I need it to reflect separately on my customer statement. Is there any way?

You cannot. Reference is assigned by Manager. If the customer is somehow issuing you a “claim” with their number, put that into the summary-level Description field, which is meant to describe the purpose of the credit note:


That is already there unless you deliberately leave the invoice number blank:


The report I referred to is a customer statement and is titled as Statement. It shows all transactions on a customer’s account for the defined period. The other type shows unpaid invoices only. But balances of those invoices reflect any payments or credit notes that have been applied to them. With either type, the credit note is accounted for.

Ok so it can only have the same invoice number as to which invoice the credit note refers to, I can not issue a separate credit note invoice number.

Yes I know the one you are referring to, but it only displays the transactions not the current and overdue amounts. So this is not possible?

I don’t know what you are referring to, @Lizrau. Credit notes can be designated as reducing the amount owed on a specific sales invoice, and that invoice can be any one you want. Or they can be left undesignated, so they contribute to a credit balance for the customer in Accounts receivable. But you do not issue separate invoice numbers to go with credit notes.

No, it is not. You get one or the other. The Unpaid Invoices type is basically an aging report for the customer. That statement type is limited to invoices, which age. Credit notes don’t age. Transactions type statements list every transaction type, but not aging information, because that does not exist for many transactions. The two statement types serve completely different purposes. Data for one type cannot be forced to fit the other.

When you click “Create” the credit note is issued with a credit note number, which is called “Reference”. Why it’s called “Reference” instead of “Credit Note” is just unnecessary complication. The “Invoice” is called an “Invoice” without a problem and not some other obscure title.