Version number showing incorrect month

I notice that the version numbering scheme no longer has the month as the second part in the number. I suspect this is unintentional and hasn’t been noticed by other people yet. Could you go back to the month format so that I can keep track of when a version was released by just looking at the version number.

This seems to have first happened during March, where versions are 19.2.xx instead of 19.3.xx.

This was never an announced standard. It was previously followed loosely because of the rate of updates, but not rigorously. Recently, the rate has slowed while background development is going on.

we can see the format too dont worry, is hard to miss when you all day create financial docs that have the date, receipt invoices payments etc

so when we all are waiting for implemention of ideas, fix of bugs, and improvements you need the ability to keep track when a version is released ? really?
if so let me propose a quick fix
you add to your bookmarks and click it every time you need to check a version, it takes 30 sec longer than just looking at the version number but i am sure you can do it