VAT Shifted

Dear all

Im currently filing my VAT and run into an issue.
I have a company in the Netherlands and have a google subscription (Ireland).
Google sents me an invoice of 10 euro with a VAT 0%.

In manager i record the VAT on the purchase as follows:
Tax code: Netherlands - VAT 0% shifted (reverse charged) which is wrong according to my tax advisor.

Then, I would like to create the VAT concept (BTW concept aangifte)
The purchase shows up under “Deliveries / services where the sales tax has been transferred to you” (Under reverse charged inland) while it should show up under 4b “services from countries within the EU” and under 5B “Input tax”. Effectively VAT has been shifted to me (shows up as a +) but I can deduct it as well (-). Can someone explain how I should handle these purchases ?

Found the answer. Actually using VAT 21 - EU was enough :wink:

Well done.