@lubos feature Request Invoice QR Code Generation for Angola

You will need to give more details such as what this QR code should encode. Then extension can be created.

vat id
invoice no
invoice date
invoice total amount
tax code with amount

any update about QR Code

Could you create some sample transactions using all tax codes in Angola template? Especially, we need some invoices. Once that is done, I will create an extension that will inject QR code.

Angola — Fatura de Venda — 08-11-2021 — Ver.pdf (74.5 KB)
Angola — Fatura de Venda — 08-11-2021 — Editar.pdf (148.3 KB)

Please, create these invoices at

done,please check

Your sample invoice in localization shows QR code. Is this correct?

That’s enough for me, but only the VAT ID, here called the Nif is missing. Make sure I’ve added inside the Buisness details(example Nif 123456)

Create custom field in Angola localization under Business Details so VAT ID/Nif can be captured.

allready do

Dear Lubos,any update ?

@Shamsuddin_Esaf why have you updated the country as India in Angola localization? I have changed it.

also, please check the QR code now.

@sharpdrivetek thank you very much

@lubos tried to work with localization in Angola works well with tax code and QR code with new businesses, but with old busniess it doesn’t show right

post screenshots explaining what exactly does not work.
make sure you have entered all data in the custom fields created by localizations and not in the previous user created custom fields.

after import Angola localization show old tax code created manually

@lubos,how to work with location and QR code with an old business because I try that the new business works well, but with old business data tax code shows that created manualy