VAT Calculation Worksheet question

I’m (brand) new to Manager; I’ve just added invoices - sales & purchases - for Jan 2019
All looks good. Summary screen shows all as expected - tax as well.
I tried a VAT calculation report and only one VAT category is totalled. I am using three built-in vat codes. However in Tax Summary report everything is fine - all three codes summarised perfectly! Perhaps there is some detail about my company that I have omitted ?
I guess it’s not a huge issue as I can use the Tax Summary to file my VAT Return. It would be good to have the Vat calc report though, as it mirrors my Revenue online form.
Any ideas ?
Many thanks in advance; it is really good software.

Your profile says you are in Ireland. There is no tax worksheet for Ireland. There are only worksheets for a few countries.

I think the UK VAT report would probably be near to the Irish requirement. I’d be happy to test it if it was made available

Hi and thanks for replying so fast.
Yes, the UK type report is practically identical to the Irish one. But I think I see what’s going on: as there is no tax worksheet for Ireland, none of the Irish VAT amounts appeared my calculation report. The three codes I am using are: Irish 23%, Irish 13.5% and UK 20%. The only one that made it into the report was the UK one; it’s the only one with a ‘built-in’ tax worksheet.
I’m happy now that I know why.
As I said, the Tax Summary is more than enough info to let me file my return.
Thanks again to all.